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Our story — who we are — still! 

Our goals remain the same — fine, consistent, dense fleece, white or light, uniform across the blanket on healthy animals. Animals who maintain fleece quality year after year. We hope that together with others like us we can begin to accumulate commercial lots so this luxury fiber can take its place along side, cashmere, vicuna and quiviut.

Our females breed, birth and mother well and are chosen for their lineage. Males also are  chosen for lineage, histogram history and skin biopsies in the top 1%. 

We no longer go to shows. They are hard on the animals, hard on the pocketbook and not worth information that can more easily and accurately be gained through careful records, observation and scientific measurement.

In the last five or six years we have learned so much — thanks to many but especially Ian Watt, Cindy and Gary Truitt and Donna Rudd of the SNPDC, — and our herd of suris, especially Tiggy and Dawn!

Each year we have a few females for sale. We will not sell any animal that has no offspring in our herd. But we have limited space. These are females who have contributed to our herd and now their daughters are with us. We sell them bred to our own proven studs. And we have an outstanding male who could be leased and several prospects for next year, after skin biopsies.

Come and visit or contact us. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to produce and share the “fiber of the Gods”.

Our Herd

We have 17 
breeding females, 
two of which will be new mothers. And we will be watching the four new females born this year.

Eleven of our 
breeding herd has an AFD below 20. The rest are a very comfortable grade #2 fleece.

Our oldest female, Dawn, 6 years old, has an AFD of 18, SD of 3 and a comfort factor of 99.86.

Our breeding males have their own page! And we have three exciting white 2 year old males to biopsy in the fall.